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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Photos from the Republican Leadership Summit

Heidi Frederickson, Michele Bachmann's Press Secretary

Heidi Frederickson, Press Secretary for Michele Bachmann. Former Press Secretary, Mark Kennedy.

Conference Participant

Conference Participant

Conference Participant.

Former Minnesota Congressman Mark Kennedy

Former Congressman, and Senate Candidate Mark Kennedy (R)

Michele Bachmann at the Republican Leadership Conference

Congressgroupie Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann with Supporter

Congressgroupie Michele Bachmann


Markh said...

Forrest Gump looks all tanned and relaxed. Retirement must agree with him.

Markh said...

Michele looks badly hung over. She shouldn't be allowed out of the house sans makeup.

Missusst said...

Must you be so insulting and demeaning when you post to your blog. I might take you seriously if you weren't so hateful.

Markh said...

Must Michele Bachmann build a political career based on fear mongering and demonizing others?

I might take her more seriously if she weren't so hateful.