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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Theocratic Legislators Embarrassed to be Seen at the MFC Shindig with Governor Pawlenty

Eleventh Avenue South:

The mood at this year's Minnesota Family Council's Legislative Insights Luncheon was somber. As the lunch of cold ham-and-cheese sandwiches, pasta and cake began, MFC CEO John Helmberger asked if any legislators who were present would stand and be recognized.

Nobody stood up.

Meanwhile the Minnesota Family Council's parent, the Family Research Council has figured out that President Bush will mumble platitudes to them at base events, but won't mention their issues when speaking to the general public.

FRC Bleating About Bush's 2007 SOT"U

Oh heavens! No mention of abstinence. Oh get me my smelling salts!

Bleat away, FRC, bleat away. Get used to being treated like a cheap date by President Bush.