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Friday, March 23, 2007

Blade Blog on the Blogger v HRC Catfight

There's a balanced and thoughtful report about the piling on HRC by many bloggers over at the Blade blog. I'll agree to a point. I think what's unforgivable, is HRC deepsixed support for those fighting anti-gay amendments in the states in favor of giving invisible support to various democrats running in congressional and senate races.

The gay blogosphere has received much attention in recent weeks following a barrage of criticism that the Human Rights Campaign is ineffective, its executives overpaid and that it is beholden to the Democratic Party.

To drive home just how frivolous HRC has become, blogger Andrew Sullivan and others posted images of some of the merchandise the gay group sells to promote itself, including pink stuffed animals.

Sullivan and Co. conveniently ignore the fact that all non-profits sell such silly items. You can buy an “NRA infant bib,” a Second Amendment wall clock or lovely logo earrings from the National Rifle Association, for example. Selling branded merchandise is not diverting HRC resources from loftier pursuits.

What is noteworthy about all the recent fuss is that HRC is taking it from all sides — Sullivan on the right (though he cannot be fairly described as a partisan Republican) and Michael Petrelis and Pam Spaulding on the left. Some of their criticisms are valid, while others seem shrill and gratuitous, like the attacks on HRC’s cuddly stuffed animals. The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle.

Go read the whole thing.


Tim said...

being in DC this weekend I paged through the blade on the metro. Its hardly a "fair and balanced" (whatever that means) article as it conveniently doesn't address one key point - that the HRC is an organization that rated poorly among charities for its use of its resources. I used to give enough to qualify for "federal club" membership until they decided to purchase the building in DC (one that I'll not be visiting this weekend). I don't believe giving to HRC is an effective use of anyone's money because of bipartisanship, lack of any real leadership, and boondoggles like the building.

Tim said...

correction: bipartisanship = partisanship