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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Citizen Journalists Wanted

An MPR employee posted the following to mn-politics-discuss:

Hi, my name is Michael Caputo and I work at Minnesota Public Radio.
I'm with a kind of experiment in bringing more people into our news coverage. It's called the Public Insight Network - an effort to get many more people invovled in helping to inform the news.

The idea is to reach out to folks who might have some insight on an issue or a topic. Once in a while I'll go outside of the network to solicit other people who might have some kind of insight.

So let me try this one story idea out on you. We're interested in finding people who are actively behind a state legislative bill that doesn't get a lot of media attention.

Some bills in the Minnesota State Legislature get plenty of media play. A smoking ban. A sales tax increase.

But the great majority of them sneak through the legislative halls unheralded. Like spending money for railroad crossing improvements in Grand Rapids or increasing fees for a notary public services.

These "small bills" are often the product of people with specific, compelling experiences that change them into energized citizens.

Does this sound like you? Are you, or someone you know, backing or tracking obscure legislative bills?

MPR News would like to find out about more of these bills... and the people behind them. Click the link below and fill out a brief survey to give us your story.

If you have any questions about MPR's Public Insight Network give me a call at (651) 290-1081 or email me at

I encourage Lloydletta readers to contact MPR if they are working on bills that aren't getting media attention. This is a good step that MPR is doing this.


Scott said...

Increased notary fees? Yikes! How do notary laws work in MN. In WA here you can only charge $5 per act.