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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Deputy Chair Eric Hoplin Deserting the Sinking Ron Carey Minnesota GOP

Andy Aplikowski has it here and reports on an email with more here.

He can see the handwriting on the wall in 2008 with Carey consolidating power and running the entire show. He feels stained by the disaster of 2006 and he sure as hell isn't going to stay around for 2008 if it means losing his future.

He's not going to be any part of the impending Carey and RPM implosion coming our way in 2008.

Marty Andrade has Hoplin's resignation email.

Marty comments:

I have very little to say about Eric Hoplin leaving the MNGOP. I'm not surprised, he was originally on the Ron Ebensteiner (sp?) team and when Ebensteiner lost and Carey won I can't imagine the relationship between Carey and Hoplin was anything but frosty. On top of that, the MNGOP was absolutely destroyed in this last election. In politics losing is like leprosy and I know Hoplin has been working his way up the ladder for a long time (the term used for guys like Hoplin is "Harry Climber," they are people who do anything to move up in the party). If the MNGOP doesn't gain ground in 2008 I can see anyone associated with the MNGOP would have the loser label attached to them. Major career killer. Especially if we lose Norm Coleman's Senate seat, which is well in the realm of possibilities. Andy also has some thoughts on the resignation.

I'd agree with Marty's assessment. Hoplin is deserting the sinking ship to save his own career.


Markh said...

Last one standing, turn out the lights (because they probably can't afford to pay the utility bill).

HSquared said...

He's had these desires since long before the election. It's not an abandonment of ship.