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Monday, March 05, 2007

Former Rep Paul Gazelka Attacks Paul Koering in Brainerd Dispatch

March 4, 2007, Letter to the Editor:

Koering promoting homosexual agenda

I¹m concerned about Sen. Koering's continued departure from the Republican Party platform. Sen. Koering is author of two recent bills, S.F.1369 and S.F. 960; both promote homosexual relationships to equal status with marriage in two specific areas of the law. Senate File 1369 forces the state government to provide health benefits to homosexual partners if the State provides those benefits to spouses of employees.

If Sen. Koering is not trying to promote the homosexual agenda, why does he continue to author legislation that does? In fact, why reward just homosexuals that live together with marriage benefits? Under Koering's bill, heterosexual couples that live together without being married don't get any of the same benefits he is proposing for homosexuals....why discriminate?

Here are just a few reasons why this is bad legislation:

1) This would increase the cost to Minnesota taxpayers.

2) This is part of the gay marriage advocate¹s plan, like OutFront Minnesota, to legalize gay marriage.

3) Bills like these minimize the reward to and purpose of marriage, forgetting that the primary purpose of marriage is to raise the next generation of children.

The mountains of data confirm that children are healthiest and best prepared for adulthood when raised by their biological mom and dad, living together in marriage. As long as that is true, as a society, we should support and encourage the institution of marriage above any other living arrangement.

Moms and dads need more tools and support to stay together and raise a family, not less.

Paul Gazelka
Former state representative
Rural Brainerd

Gazelka supported Kevin Goedker, the anti-gay non-endorsed Republican opponent in the primary. Goedker had a campaign blog. This was a typical entry.

It's notable that Paul Koering won and Paul Gazelka lost. Gazelka's one issue, anti-gay activist campaign turned off the mainstream voters in that district.

I encourage people to write letters to the editor to respond.


Markh said...

here's a favorite quote:

'This would increase the cost to Minnesota taxpayers'

Paul, you voted to support the Hennepin County Twins scam last May, which raised a 30-year regressive tax to support something that government shouldn't even be doing.

1/4 of Minnesota residents live in Hennepin County.

Further, it is so tiresome to hear idiots like Gazelka continue to blame the weakness/failure of too many heterosexual marriages on gay people.

Paul - it isn't my fault, nor would allowing a municipal government to determine its own benefits policy negatively affect any children that I know. If anything, it could create more secure households for raising children.