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Saturday, March 31, 2007

GOP Party Chair Race

Drew Emmer of Wright County Republican is standing by his man, Ron Carey. I left a comment, but comments are moderated there. We'll see if he approves it.

One of the first bits of advice I got when I came back to Minnesota to run a campaign for my elder nephew was to be aware that republicans are really good at circling the wagons, but the big mistake we make is that we usually shoot toward the middle of the circle. As a party we do a great job of tearing each other down. Partisanship is a breeze if you can just pass muster with our fellows within the local GOP party.

That's one thing I envy about democrats. No matter how wrong they are on an issue or how bad their position is they almost always can pull together and acheive a sense of solidarity. Maybe its the union influence. Whatever the reason for unity among the opposition, regard for one another, respect and loyalty are characteristics all republicans could use a brush up on.

I wonder how many Democrats agree with this assessment. I hear democrats say the same about republicans.

Governor Pawlenty is supporting Ron Carey. Andy Aplikowski:

I am now hearing word of calls being made to Delegates in the Republican Party today saying that Repya is a McCain supprter [sic] and therefore not a real conservative, so people can't support him.

(What comes to mind at first when you here this?)

Tim Pawlenty is currently serving as national co-chair of John McCain’s Presidential Campaign and is speaking at his behalf across the country and on TV. One could say Pawlenty is McCain’s biggest supporter.

(Anyone, anyone, Bueller?)

Now, I did ask Repya about the McCain thing earlier this week, and he fully understands that he must remain neutral, and he said so right in the PiPress story. He is not working for John McCain and he is not going actively campaign for McCain or against any Republican candiate as party chair. He knows that the Chairman MUST remain neutral.

These upcoming CD conventions should be interesting.


Dan said...

Sounds familliar. Before the last primary election, some party officials got a little phone bank going, personally spreading false and misleading rumors about Sue Jeffers to the Republican delegates.

Drew Emmer said...

Your comment was posted as soon as I got to it, as it always will be. The only reason I moderate the comments is because I'm not interested in the effenheimer or c-word showing up on my blog (franken or cerisi)