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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Plague of Political Purity on the Right and the Left

For a few years, I've blogged about a grandstanding, "progressive" politician, Gary Dean Zimmermann and his alliance with two grandstanding, right-wing politicians, Michele Bachmann and Rep. Mark Olson to promote and pass legislation for a bogus boondoggle called Personal Rapid Transit.

All three were headed for trouble; Zimmermann was convicted of bribery and sent to prison. Rep. Mark Olson was arrested for beating his wife five days after he was re-elected and is awaiting trial. Michele Bachmann continues to be a national joke.

Despite the trouble they have gotten into, the supporters of these three politicians insist that they are really good people while attacking other, more pragmatic politicians for not being pure enough.

Loosetrife at the Mpls Upside Down blog has an excellent post about this phenomenon.