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Friday, March 09, 2007

Senate Committee Moves State Domestic Partner Benefit Bill Forward

Update: This was on a voice vote. Anyone could have demanded a roll call vote. It's interesting that no one wanted one. This suggests Republicans no longer think this issue helps them win elections.

Outfront Minnesota Press Release:

Today, the Senate Committee on State and Local Government Operations took a positive step forward in passing the domestic partner benefits bill for state employees. Senators voted to re-instate the benefits that had been withdrawn four years ago.

OutFront's Press Release didn't indicate who voted how, or whether this was passed by voice vote or by roll call.

There's been no committee action on this bill in the house. Margaret Kelliher, the DFL house speaker, said the municipal domestic partner bill would get a hearing, but did not commit to bringing it to the floor. I did not ask her about this bill.

I talked to a DFL higer up last night about this legislation. He was totally surprised that Denise Dittrich voted in favor of the Bachmann amendment. He said she totally misread her district on this one. It will be interesting to see how she votes on this one.

The Minnesota Family Council had a press conference about all this at 11:00 AM. Did anyone go to hear their bleatings? I didn't hear anything on TV news about this bill, or the MFC press conference. Photocop and the Veterans Home scandal dominated coverage.