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Friday, April 06, 2007

Can Adults Get Jobs at the Department of Justice?

Did anybody see or listen to Kyle Sampson testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee a few weeks ago?

Maybe he has sterling academic credentials, but did he appear to have the life experience and maturity to function as chief of staff to a cabinet officer? Would you want him managing your staff in a high visibility office?

And then we have our own Rachel Paulose..... 34 years old, and it isn't going well for her.

Supervising a large staff is always a challenge, and when the staff is mostly attorneys, that cannot be easy at any age. Successful attorneys/litigators are going to have strong personalities, a passion for the job, a sharp intellect, and great communication skills.

Loyalty to an ideology might make the Department of Justice feel good, but how about hiring some adults?


Avidor said...

The Strib says Washington is sending someone to Minnesota to hold Rachel's hand.

Also from the Strib:

"Here's the question that many in Minnesota want answered: Former Minnesota Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer famously cried "wolf" over voter fraud that did not exist. Did Heffelfinger's low ranking in Washington, his decision to resign and Paulose's appointment flow from Kiffmeyer's inability to get her claims of fraud taken seriously by the Minnesota U.S. attorney's office?"

Joanne said...

"Would you want him managing your staff in a high visibility office?"

I wouldn't trust him to water the plants.