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Monday, April 23, 2007

Debates Over HIV Prevention at the Minnesota Legislature

Rep. Tom Emmer, (R, Delano) tried to amend the HHS finance bill to cut funds for ENABL. Emmer passed out copies explicit content from a Minnesota AIDS Project website (a part of the website that was targeted to adults, and was not state funded). You can watch the debate here. The literature and/or website in question evidently involved information on fisting. Representative Erhardt puts Rep. Emmer in his place at 10:24:30.

Rep. Mark Olson rants and raves after the Emmer amendment discussion.


Simon said...

Who not post the debate directly. we can hardly get the general info. Maybe you can post on my HIV blog

lloydletta said...

Simon, the best way to hear the debate is to go to the site, and download the video.... Use the non-frames version, and you can get to the specific part.