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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ghoulish Fundraising from Sam Brownback

His campaign sent out this message on Wednesday:

April 18, 2007

Dear Friend,

This is a bittersweet week for our nation.

Monday will go down as one of the most tragic days in modern American history, as 32 innocent people were savagely killed at Virginia Tech. Our thoughts and our prayers need to be with the families of the deceased and the entire Virginia Tech community in the days and weeks ahead.

However, this monstrosity is contrasted by today's decision by the United States Supreme Court which--for the first time--upheld the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. My friend, this is a cause for rejoicing and a milestone in our efforts to end abortion-on-demand in America. This is a great day for the cause of life, but we need to finish the job!

Today's decision underscores the importance of selecting the right individuals who will serve on our nation's courts. I was proud to be a leading advocate for judges who will respect the law, and not legislate from the bench. For this reason, I was a lead advocate in the confirmations of Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito, both of whom voted to uphold the ban on this gruesome practice.

Let us finish the job which we are called to, by winning the White House in 2008 and overturning the tragic Roe vs. Wade decision. I need your help in order to do so!

There are two ways you can help:

1. Make a contribution to my campaign.

2. Join Team Brownback for exclusive news and updates from the campaign trail.

Together, we can restore respect for life in America and make the tragedy of abortion a distant memory. Thanks for your support!


U.S. Senator Sam Brownback

The Supreme Court decision won't necessarily reduce abortion, but it does prohibit the use of one method.


lloydletta said...

I'm curious whether the decision allows a law that would prohibit the procedure in the case of a dead fetus.

lloydletta said...

It kind of reminds me of when a so-called "pro-life" group was upset about several crisis pregnancy centers getting destroyed in Katrina - but they were happy that several abortion clinics were destroyed.

DavidD said...

At that point, from a medical perspective, it would no longer be an abortion. An abortion is specifically aimed at aborting a live developing child. I don't think that anyone on the anti-abortion or pro-abortion side would challenge the removal of a dead baby. Infact, when my aunt's child died in-utero the doctor had her carry it one more week until the body went into labor. At a later time that choice was rebuked as mentally harmful to the mother.

lloydletta said...

I've heard different things on this score, and have never gotten a clear answer. The legislation does not appear to be concerned with how viable the fetus is. (In my opinion, it's a different matter aborting an anacephalic fetus, than aborting a healthy fetus. I happen to think life is different than existance.)

I also don't think anyone is "pro-abortion" - the question is whether abortion should be legal or not.

DavidD said...

:-) I know, I just like to get my friendly jabs in when I can :-)