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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kiffmeyer Really Went Over the Edge on This One

Blue Man in a Red District:

While meeting with a senior member of the Minnesota Legislature, this gentlemen pulled out his "blue book" and was looking at some of the legislative borders around SD 18 and offering an opinion on redistricting and other future campaign possibilities.

For those who don't know what the "blue book" is, this book lists all the information for the 201 elected officials in Minnesota as well as our Federal leaders, the heads of state agencies, election information, and other great facts about Minnesota and the legislature.

It's a very good book for a lobbyist to have. My "blue book" was pretty worn out after 3 years.

This senior member pointed out the bio's in the older (Pre-Kiffmeyer) blue book. It listed his education, occupation, home address, hobbies, and legislative priorities. It also listed their family info.

Newer editions (Kiffmeyer era) took out the majority of biographical information, which did not please this legislator.

He asked Kiffmeyer why this info was deleted.

Kiffmeyer told him it was "so I don't have to list Karen Clark's domestic partner".

At this time, 1 of the 201 elected officials in Minnesota was openly gay. Kiffmeyer, in her homophobic rage, decided to change one of the largest publications promoting state officials and offices because of one possible reference to a same sex domestic partner?


UPDATE: Commenter "Tim" points out the blue book is online in pdf format.


Tim said...

Sigh... While this is interesting - what would be more interesting is to provide your readers with the tools to access this information. The blue book is online and yet you and "blue man" can't spend the 5 seconds to provide readers the link.