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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Liveblogging Franken on CNN

I got the idea from Fecke and Brodkorb....

8:15 - Plug for Franken on the show.

8:20 - It's starting out... Franken says Imus was totally inappropriate and wrong.

8:22 - Mentions Glenn Beck and his asking Keith Ellison about being a terrorist.

8:26 - Takes the 5th about whether Imus should get fired. Mentions Lenny Bruce - and satire. Says he doesn't see anything funny about what Imus said.

8:36 - The Drama Queen notes that Franken seems uncomfortable talking about Imus. I'll concur with that observation.

8:42 - End of appearance. Horse rates comments. Franken says Coleman gets contributions from Big Insurance and Big Pharma and he gets contributions from Big Minnesota and Big Comedy.

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