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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Marty Seifert Compares President Bush to Gonorrhea

MN Publius has the scoop.

On Thursday of last week Representative Seifert spoke to a large crowd at the League of Minnesota Cities Breakfast. At some point the conversation turned to why the Democrats had been so successful in the last election cycle. Rep. Seifert expounded on a number of reasons and at some point in this list said that it didn’t help that “the President’s approval ratings are right there with gonorrhea.”

This quote has been repeated to me by a number of people who were present at the event and a Forum Communications reporter said that the quote “more or less sounds accurate.” I have been trying all morning to get a hold of the Minority Leader and was supposed to speak with him shortly after one o’clock. But as it is now more than an hour and many more phone-calls later, I am proceeding with the information I have. The only response from the Minority Leader that has been relayed to me is that “something similar was said but the quote as is, is not completely accurate.” I eagerly await Mr. Seifert’s correction but operate under what has been confirmed to me thus far in the mean time.

Now, I have to say that I find this quip somewhat amusing but I have to wonder what the White House thinks of a Republican legislative leader comparing them to a sexually transmitted disease. Although perhaps the Representative was aware that STD’s are rising in popularity in Minnesota and, as such, meant it as a compliment to the President. Yeah, probably not…

This story got them lots of traffic.