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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Norm Coleman Gets on Conference Call with FRC

Minnesota Monitor has the scoop.

Coleman's bill, which passed the Senate by a wide margin, provides for funding of stem cell lines derived from "clinically dead" embryos. Coleman criticized those who say that this method will not work to create usable cell lines, saying, "Researchers who have alternate ways of getting to the same place are often very protective of their way."

Coleman was nevertheless circumspect, warning that there was "broad support" for stem cell research in general.

"For those who don't consider a human embryo life that merits protection--this is not me speaking, but this is what they think--why shouldn't we have access to these embryos?" Coleman said.

Coleman finished the meeting with a call to support his bill.

"This is our moment. If we can move this research with a moral base, we can show the world that we can do research in a moral way," he said. "This bill offers the opportunity."

How did Amy Klobuchar vote on Coleman's bill?