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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Norm Coleman Speaks to the 6th District Republicans

Avidor and I went to the circus. We were not allowed to video tape speeches in the convention room. This is from my notes of what Norm Coleman said during his speech. Coleman was effusive in his praise for Michele Bachmann: "Thank you, thank you for bringing Michele Bachmann to the nation's capitol. She's got the drive to represent the 6th district." He went on to say that the Republican party is the party of "limited government and unlimited opportunity."
He mentions "hatemongers" on the left and "Rosie OConnel" [sic].

Following up after Norm Coleman's speech, party chair Ron Carey gushed about Michele Bachmann: "She will be able to make a real difference" and be able "to get things done" in Washington.

"GOP Joe" Repya gave a very negative speech that attacked Ron Carey - but not by name.

Brad Biers won the vice chairs race - 44 votes to 39 votes (Aplikowski) to 34 votes (Nygard).

Turnout was low for a 6th district event - 87 delegates and 32 alternates for a total of 119.

Avidor has some video of the goings on outside the convention.