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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Norm Coleman's Anti-Gay Flyer

The following flyer from Coleman's 1998 Campaign was reprinted and distributed at Gay Pride 2002 by Stonewall DFL. To call the Coleman Campaign and ask them about this flyer, call 651-645-0766.

I transcribed the flyer and posted it to a number of political lists. From my post to a Log Cabin Republicans list:

I called the campaign and after many attempts to fax the flyer over, I got confirmation from Albert at the Coleman campaign that this did come from
the Coleman Campaign when he ran for Governor in 1998.

Here's the text of the flyer:

Norm Coleman Opposes Special Rights

*Mayor Coleman has refused to sign a proclamation making it Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender month every year since he has been in office.

*Mayor Coleman supports the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

There's some irony here. From City Pages:

On Friday, November 1, gossip columnist Cheryl Johnson wrote a short piece detailing an angry phone call that Norm Coleman and his wife Laurie made to Pat Kessler after he ran a profile about the couple on WCCO. During a segment of video showing the Coleman family hanging out in the kitchen, Kessler reported, This Saturday morning Laurie is visiting from California where she is working on a television series. Neither the candidate nor his wife took kindly to the term "visiting," and berated the reporter for what they thought was a blatant attempt to embarrass them. "[Laurie] was just very upset because she thought it was, and she said this, a devious political shot...A way to paint their marriage as something that it wasn't," Kessler told C.J.

The piece ran on the Strib's website that Friday. On Sunday, when the print edition of her column hit the streets, however, the Coleman tirade, unbeknownst to the author, was missing. "Senior editors did not know the item had been submitted for publication online," managing editor Scott Gillespie says. "That was a mistake. We should not have published it online; a gossip item on the Senate race just a few days before the race wasn't appropriate."

When the item did finally run in the paper, two days after the election, it read essentially the same, minus a few quotes from Kessler. Initially, staffers in the newsroom didn't think much about the deletion, in part because it was a gossip item, in part because it seemed to be, in the words of political columnist Doug Grow, a "very close call."

Back to the flyer:

*Mayor Coleman opposes Domestic Partner Benefits

*Mayor Coleman opposes homosexual adoption

*Mayor Coleman has repeatedly been protested by liberal gay-rights activists [see back]

Prepared and Paid for by Minnesotans for Coleman. PO BOX 65456, St Paul,
MN 55165

back of this flyer:

Saint Paul Mayor Norm Coleman is the most electable conservative Republican for Governor

Norm Coleman on Taxes

Minnesotans are overtaxed. The current $2 billion state surplus is your money - and it's time to give it back. I'm committed to a permanent tax cut for Minnesotans in the first year of a Coleman Administration. Republicans know that a dollar spent by taxpayers produces far more wealth than a dollar spent by government. It's time that government gave us our money back!

Norm Coleman on Crime

Minnesotans demand safe streets and neighborhoods for their children and families. As a former prosecutor, I know how to get criminals off the streets. I also know that strong measures are needed to keep our children from becoming involved in crime, drugs and violence. The Republican Party has led the charge for tougher penalties for criminals - as Governor, I will continue this leadership of keeping public safety the number one priority of government.

Norm Coleman on Human Life

I'm pro-life. It's a core belief of mine that human life, at every stage, should be treated with the sanctity that God meant it to be. Republicans must continue our historic commitment to protecting life at every stage:

the most vulnerable - the unborn - the young and our seniors depend upon government to respect their lives and dignity. It remains one of our most sacred vows as a political party, and one that I will continue to support and promote.

Norm Coleman on Homosexual Rights

As Mayor, I twice refused to sign a "gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender pride" proclamation. I adamantly oppose homosexual marriage and adoption, and as governor I will sign legislation to repeal the 1993 sexual orientation law.

Norm Coleman on Education

Parental involvement yields better results for all of our children. More parental involvement always gets better results than more bureaucracy. As Governor, I will ensure that we have greater local control, more parental involvement and more parental choice in education.

Norm Coleman on 2nd Amendment Rights

As Mayor of Saint Paul, I've fought against proposals that would restrict the rights of citizens under the 2nd Amendment. As Governor, I will stand just as strongly behind the Constitution to protect the rights of all Minnesotans under the 2nd Amendment.


The question is where is Norm Coleman now on these issues? I asked him about this flyer when Log Cabin Republicans had an opportunity to meet with him, and he said this was from his 98 governor's race, and he had to do this. Norm Coleman should take personal responsibility.