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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rep. Keith Ellison Faces Critics

Today at Powderhorn Park, Rep. Keith Ellison faced his critics. I thought he did very well.... see for yourself:


Ray said...

Well, it's pretty hard to tell since so much was edited out of his speech & the questions that followed. What I heard loud & clear were his final comments, "I don't like the war in Afganistan. I want it to end. But I'm not going to stand here & like, lock myself into something so that we can have another public conversation about whether I lied or not." It sounds like despite Keith's brief stint in Washington, he's become quite an adept politician.

Avidor said...

Some of Ellison's critics were Gary Dean Zimmermann's most ardent defenders and apologists.

It seems that Dave Bicking and Charlie Underwood would rather have a politician like Zimmermann who does nothing except grandstand on issues.

Zimmermann never got the MPLS City Council to pass an antiwar resolution like he promised. The City Council passed an anti-war resolution this year.