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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rep. Mark Olson''s Meltdown at the Capitol Last Night

Videos at Dump Mark Olson.

Late last night, Rep. Mark Olson continued his badgering of Rep. Mindy Greilling. He accused her of having a conflict of interest which provoked a bi-partisan rebuke. The Speaker gently warned Olson not to impugn the motives of another representative.

Rep. Mindy Greiling then mentioned that Scientologists opposed her legislation.

After that, Olson lost it... he launched into a paranoid rant about DFL staff taping his bizarre rant on Wednesday. He then claimed KSTP "distorted" the video.

He also talks about his "personal life and the trials I'm going through (which I assume means his arrest for domestic assault).

He says "but, we are going to get the truth out in every facet of my life and we are going to keep working to do that".

Oh, really? Is that why Rep. Mark Olson has had 4 hearings, each time requesting through his lawyer that the trial be postponed?

Rep. Mark Olson has a history of violence toward women. Olson's obsessive badgering of Rep. Greilling was just short of abusive.

Some sort of intervention is called for.


Lori Heine said...

This guy sounds like a certifiable whackjob.

I agree that some sort of intervention is called for.