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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tax Cut Rally Redux

Andy from Residual Forces posts the rest of his video from the tax cut rally.

From Residual Forces Comments:

# LLLawson Says:
April 15th, 2007 at 5:19 pm

Andy, is this your way to criticize our GOP Senator Norm Coleman?

Did the lefty blogs, MN Blue and Lloydletta, get permission to post this video?

You are once again proving that you have a political tin ear. Wake up.

I didn't post the video. I posted a link to Andy's post with the video.

# bmetzler Says:
April 15th, 2007 at 5:52 pm

Conservatives who attack “RINO”s are playing into the DFL’s hands. Do you ever think they’ll realize who they are really hurting in the end?

# Andy Says:
April 15th, 2007 at 6:28 pm


You’re once again proving you have no clue. Did you even read my post, or just follow orders to attack me?

(AAA’s Note: I had nothing to do with the crowd reaction. I swear! In fact I was a bit turned off by it. I like Sen. Coleman. He’s not perfect, but no one can represent you exactly how you want 100% of the time, but yourself.)

I am trying to help Coleman, and the party. It is the people at that event that hold the key to broad sweeping victories. It is the message they so desperately want to see championed by officials and candidates that hold the key to reversing the course.

Are you saying that the era of small government is over, and that conservatism is dead? Is that the tin ear you speak of? I know there are some in this party who despise limited government conservatism, but they fail to see there is already a party trying to win on the opposite at the ballot box, we can’t afford two parties waging a bidding war for votes.

And finally, since I’m pretty sure you’re just a Carey apologist, is his strategy for 2008 to run around shutting up people like me so Norm can win, even though it is people that sound like me that hold the key to taking back the MN House? I’m just curious, because that has been my suspicion all along, and the way you’re attacking me lends credibility to my argument.

maybe you need to put down the kool aid, stop taking the attack line talking points, and think for your self. We have enough head nodders and yes men in this party, They’ve held power with in it for far too long.

Yesterday you saw ideas draw thousands of people to show up, imagine what would happen if the vast resources of the MNGOP could spread that across to all corners of the state. Imagine the army of motivated volunteers to help Coleman, Bachmann, kline, (even) Ramstad, but more importantly all 134 MN House races.

And the people like you and Brent here, only want to shut us up. How is that uniting? How is that energizing the grassroots? It sure feels to me that I know what the Carey plan is for the grassroots, if you are in fact his messenger. “Show up, shut up, and do what you’re told”

Am I wrong? Is is this not the grassroots Carey speaks of all the time.

RINOs that attack conservatives are not just playing into the DFL’s hands, they are playing the DFL’s hand. If it makes you feel any better, I was not joining in the chants or boos.

Does Andy Aplikowski have a following or does he just speak for himself?