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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Aplikowski Explains His Joke - Says He Notified Party Higher Ups


Fecker emailed me last week asking me to answer questions. I thought it was a joke and shared with some fellow conservative bloggers so we could all have a good giggle. We thought it would be fun to needle this tool. So we came up with a bunch of ridiculous statements even a Strib Editorial boarder would realize was a complete joke and discard. We even threw in a few fabricated rumors to get the ho ho addicted liberal hatchet grinder paid by Soros to make a few calls to confirm and realize he’d wasted his time.

I did alert the proper GOP leaders about the ordeal, and only one person was remotely concerned. A person who gives these hacks too much credit in my opinion. After Fecker didn’t reply with a profane, ha ha you jerk kinda response, to my humorous answers, I had a good laugh, and realized he thinks I am serious. So I requested to see a draft before publishing so I could make sure he caught the snark and correct the anti-Republican Soros funded spin.

Excuse me, Andy gave an email interview with Jeff Fecke. The complete transcript is available of the interview. What did he say that was positive about the Republican party in that interview?

Andy continues:

Lighten up everyone on the right. Mini Money is a joke, and the fact that you’re scared of them scares the crap out of me. I certainly hope Republicans aren’t too busy piddling in the corner in fear of the hack liberals to worry about propelling conservative ideas. Its time to expose the fraud known as Mini Money, and well, here, we got the ball rolling. The Soros conglomerate created this for one reason and one reason alone, to meddle with our 2008 RNC convention.

As one of my co-cospirators reassured me early on, had the party dealt with these tards early on, we wouldn’t have to do it now.

There’s more fun to be had at Fecker’s expense, so I won’t blow the whole deal. But I think some people on the right need to seriously lighten up. You give these hacks far too much credit to be scared of this crap. And you’d be far better served joining in exposing liberals for the hacks they are, no matter if they hide behind a phony code of ethics.

Fecker left out a lot of very pro-Republican content, because it did not suit his needs and fit his agenda. A paid political operative is an operative all the same. What they say is tainted by the money that pays for their words and where it appears, and it can no longer be trusted as objective. I don’t care who pays who, when a blogger takes money to blog, they obviously have sold their objectivity and credibility as well.

I don’t think Ron Carey was a good MNGOP Chair, and I don’t think he should be reelected. That should be no surprise to anyone. The entire point of this was to expose that these lefty bloggers and operatives far too often get away with calling themselves moderates and impartial when they are fringe leftists hell bent on pushing their agenda.

Unless we on the right can deal with that, we’re screwed, because MoveOn is actually taken seriously now by far too many. If someone doesn’t expose the Mini Money hacks for what they are, so they won’t be taken seriously by voters, um, well, we’re screwed come November 2008, who ever is Chair. They are trying to create a new media outlet that fools people to trust what they say.

Andy added at the end:

Closed circuit to Eva Young: Stop calling me. Don’t ever call me again. I do not want to talk to you. I won’t talk to you. You’re an even bigger hack and clueless partisan hachet grinder than the Mini Money folks.

I was calling Andy for comment and to verify he really said these things. I hope other reporters will follow up and call Andy Aplikowski.


Markh said...

The GOP is irrelevant.

Doug said...

Good God what a whiner. Their fear of the Media Matters boogey man used to be funny. Now it's just pathetic.

I say we just start nodding our heads and go along with their hysteria.