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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

District Chair Aplikowski Gives Racist and Sexist Interview to Minnesota Monitor

Minnesota Monitor has the full transcript:

I am a bit worried about your boy Obama though. He used to worship that Allah, and his middle-name is Hussein. Coincidence????

Those kind of people are nuts, and the last thing we need is another Muslim in DC, let alone the White house. Ellison is enough. It scares me to even think about what he is sending thru CAIR to bin Laden and Iran. I bet Obama would sign a new NATO-esque agreement with Syria and Iran and attack Europe and Israel.

Anyone but a Democrat I suppose would be just dandy. Unless Shrillary could shed about 50 pounds and drop the sourthern twang. Then, well, maybe. I would just love to see how Slick Willy sneaks ‘nappy headed hos’ into the Oval Office behind her back now.

Go read the full transcript. There's more there about a Pawlent [sic] dunk tank, and some bizarre statements that MOB bloggers would be able to take out Coleman if he doesn't be sufficiently pro-Iraq war in votes in the early fall.

So what was funny about this "joke" cooked up by Andy Aplikowski, mayor of the MOB, and other MOB bloggers like Mitch Berg?

Many Republicans have made a huge deal about Al Franken's jokes.

UPDATE: MN Publius has weighed in on this.


Avidor said...

"I was asked by some one once, “Why I don’t join the military?” The guy said that I am so adamant in my support for it and its use, why not join?
One answer was that I exceed the height to weight ratio for the US Marines."