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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

District Chair Aplikowski Says Minnesota Monitor Was "Punked" On His Blog

Punk’d - Tee Hee

Posted by Andy on May 8th, 2007

I love it when lefty rent-a-bloggers take the bait hook line and sinker.

More later, but let’s all just relax and realize I was toying with the George Soros DFL hack.

Aplikowski's link to KAR and Eckernet didn't lead to anything interesting. His link to Mitch Berg went to a post that suggested Berg is supports Joe Repya in the party chair race, though he puts careful caveats about staying neutral.

Ron Carey is, of course, running for re-election. He was dealt a bad hand in the last election; it was a bad cycle to be a Republican. A lot of my good friends support Ron; I think the party could do worse.

Colonel Joe Repya is also running. He’s an intrigueing possibility; a natural PR whiz, of course, but most of all a leader in both the military and Reaganesque senses of the term, a guy with a vision and the ability to convey it. If elected, he just might help counteraction some of the “passion fatigue” that’s been afflicting the hordes of volunteers that the GOP depends on. This is nothing to sneeze at; while the DFL rents people to do the door to door work (like they rent their bloggers), the GOP uses volunteers - people in it for the love of the cause - for both. And volunteers stepped up in ‘98, ‘00, ‘02 and ‘04 - all of them “Must-Win” elections in which we did, indeed, kick donkey. But all of that volunteering has a cost - in energy, job time, family quality time, the works. In ‘06, the usual suspects among the volunteers, the people that run things, seemed tired; after the election, they seemed dejected, like they needed the break that this accelerated season can’t give ‘em. Repya might be, figuratively, the tonic for the metaphorical troops.

Now, I don’t ever take sides on things like State Party Chair races. Besides being of not that much interest to me, the last thing I want is for my blog and the Northern Alliance show to be seen as having a dog in an intra-party fight, when my/our real mission is supporting conservatism as a whole. That’s job number one. It makes it difficult, of course, that I know, and have had extensive interactions with, both candidates - which makes staying neutral all the more imperative (not that I think I actually have any influence in the party, don’t get me wrong).

But this is going to be the first interesting State Party race I’ve ever heard about.

My question is, what does Aplikowski mean when he states that Minnesota Monitor was "punked"? If he was quoted accurately in the interview, then Minnesota Monitor did nothing wrong by printing the interview. What next? Will Aplikowski give similar interviews to the Strib or to the local papers in his Senate District?

If Aplikowski calls back, Lloydletta's Nooz will pursue these questions.