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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Drew Emmer from Wright County Republican Condemns Applikowski's Statements

Drew Emmer left the following comment on Minnesota Monitor:

Andy Aplikowski does not speak for the GOP
After reading the interview my first thought was that you took Andy out and got him completely wasted and then began the interogation. When I realized that Andy was lucid I immediately felt a sense of sadness come over me.

Don't get me wrong, Andy has every right to make a complete ass out of himself anywhere he chooses to do so. But when he impunes (intentionally or not) anyone wearing a GOP jersey there's a lot more than just Andy's dignity at stake.

Whatever lapse in judgement that has caused Andy to think he has punked (punkt, whatever) Minnesota Monitor has more likely actually made fools out of those of us whose views he purports to represent.

Andy represents Andy. He doesn't represent me. He doesn't represent the opinion or character of the GOP. To suggest otherwise is almost as irresponsible as Andy's decision to partciapate in your interview.
by: Drew Emmer @ May 09, 2007 -- 10:28 AM CDT

The problem is that Andy Aplikowski isn't just a party member. He is a party leader - a Senate District Chair. Would Drew Emmer be willing to publicly call on Aplikowski to resign?