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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Triple A is huffing and puffing over Minnesota Monitor's new comment policy.

I’ve heard from another blogger who has left comments on Mini Money in the past, and they have been removed as well.

I think this should thoroughly put to bed any idea that these hacks are running a journalistic endeavor.

The comment policy actually just says comments have to be civil. Many of Swiftee's comments attack people who disagree and are not civil.

I find this rather interesting that Triple A is upset, since he's blocked me from commenting on his blog.

This is just taking a break before going on another rant criticizing party chair Ron Carey for not publicly criticizing Republican legislators.

As many as 10 Republicans voted for this bill in the first place, and this bill has a possibility to be overridden by some of these very RINOs thus making Pawlenty’s veto worthless.

For crying out loud, stop carrying the Governor’s water and focus a little on our goll darn platform and the dire need the conservative movement has, lack of leadership.

Here, let me help:

“I’m thrilled Governor Pawlenty made the right call and vetoed this bill, (insert fluffy stuff here)

But it saddens me deeply that some Republicans voted for this bill in the first place, and are threatening to vote to override the Governor. Republicans oppose tax increases. These legislators could learn a lot from Governor Pawlenty and principled Republican leaders in Minnesota who know this bill is bad for Minnesota.

We’ve sent out an action alert to the thousands and thousands of Republican party members urging them to call these Legislators and remind them what party they are in.”

Or something like that, but well, I guess I am not surprised that we got the version we did.

Nothing like making the Republican party smaller and smaller.