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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Marty Seifert - Pathetic Partisan Whiner

From a May 21st Star Tribune Story on the end of the Legislative C-F, Um, I mean, session:

"We're feeling great about how things are shaping up," said Seifert as he and other GOP House members chowed down homemade sloppy joes and cold watermelon in a back room of the Capitol's third floor. "Any time a caucus as small as ours can pound back $5 billion in [proposed] Democratic tax increases, we're doing great," he said.

Seifert said that the Republicans' latest negotiating positions were ironic and that they were in the process of pulling traditional DFL issues out from under them.

"Wait until they [DFLers] have to go back and explain they could have gotten more per-pupil funding and more for nursing homes but didn't," he crowed. "Suburbanites and moderates are getting hosed this year. They'll be sorry they ever voted for Democrats."

When I read this on Monday, it sounded to me like Mr. Seifert was quite pleased about certain constituencies getting 'hosed'.

Then he gets a 'poor me' letter to the editor published in the Friday Strib:

Letter of the day: Seifert not happy about people getting 'hosed'
Published: May 25, 2007

The letters to the editor about me in the Star Tribune are disgusting and inaccurate. I do not think it is funny, nor am I proud that the DFL "hosed" suburban or moderate voters. I think it is sad. The Republicans in the Legislature did everything to stop this from happening. The biased school formulas and tax increase proposals were entirely of the DFL's making, and people have to evaluate their success -- or lack thereof.

As for the Arts and Outdoors Amendment not coming up in time, please look at which party was in control of the Legislature. If this were a high priority for the DFL, why would it wait until five minutes before session was over to have the bill ready? Should it not have passed weeks or months ago? The Legislature had hours upon hours of recess time that could have provided time for this bill in the last week of session. Don't fall for their excuses -- they have 85 seats in the House of Representatives while we have fewer than 50.

Please do not be so naive as to believe the twisted explanations of the DFL as to why it had some failures this session. DFLers need to point to the mirror, not me.

REP. Marty Seifert, Marshall, Minn.; House minority leader

He didn't sound 'sad' in Monday's story.... he sounded smug and self-righteous.

Which is it?

This guy, who seems to exist in a bizarre, double-talking ethical house of mirrors, gets kudos from the Bible bangers at the Minnesota Family Council.

MFC Salutes Rep. Marty Seifert

MFC thanks House Minority Leader Rep. Marty Seifert (Dist 21A) for his influential defense of pro-family values in the closing days of the session. Rep. Seifert played a key role in protecting children from a state mandate to teach unhealthy sex education curricula in grades 7-12.

A study of several MN public school sex education curricula exposed unhealthy sex activities including anal and anal-oral sex.

Rep. Marty heard the voices of thousands of concerned parents and fought to protect their children's sexual health from an ideological agenda that has been a colossal failure.

Call Rep. Seifert at 651-296- 5374 and thank him for his leadership.

Posted by Chuck Darrell at Thursday, May 24, 2007

I didn't recognize any Christian values in the way Mr. Seifert talks about the DFL. I guess what really matters to the theocrats is sex, sex and more sex.


lloydletta said...

Good catch of the irony.