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Thursday, May 03, 2007

MN House DFL Sez: We Support GLBT Rights, Unless Somebody Objects

From Minnesota Public Radio's May 3rd Legislative Update:

Other signs of progress included a House-Senate deal on a $551.7 million bill for several state agencies and basic government operations. The price tag is about $30 million lower than the same category in the present two-year budget.

Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, said it's unclear whether the bill will get by Pawlenty.

"We answered or tried to answer every objection the governor has made," Kahn said. "I would be very pleased if he doesn't veto it. If he does veto it, I would hope he would be more specific about what he opposes."

In a major concession, majority Democrats backed off a plan to require health benefits for domestic partners of state employees, which got tangled in a fight over gay rights because same-sex partners would qualify.

Instead, the state would study the cost of insuring "significant individuals," which could include an employee's live-in sister or elderly parent. Kahn said lawmakers want the study by January so the issue can be revisited next session. The state government bill sets aside $750,000 to keep a proposed Capitol renovation alive. Another $4 million could be included in other legislation this year, Kahn said.

What the hell?

Rep. Phyllis Kahn, Speaker and Stadium Swindle Supporter Margaret Anderson Kelliher and the rest of the House DFL Caucus had better stop accepting endorsements, money, and volunteer help from the Stonewall DFL, Outfront, HRC, and another other homo-funded cash cow you'd like to name.

What on earth was the purpose of the Outfront rally at the Capitol? Why does the Stonewall DFL caucus exist?

Folks, if you're gay and donating money to support DFL candidates, just remember that you'll be abandoned (again) at the first hint of trouble.


lloydletta said...

There's nothing like getting thrown under the bus by the DFL. So do gay DFLers suffer from the "Stockholm Syndrom?"

DavidD said...

The DFL is the abusive husband and the GLBT community is the beaten wife. They'll make any excuse because they think the DFL actually cares.

Why would they push thru tax hikes when the Republicans are freaking out, but they capitulate so quickly on gay rights?