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Friday, May 04, 2007

My Letter to Representative Kahn and Senator Pogemiller

Representative Kahn-

I am writing you and Senator Pogemiller today to express my sheer disappointment in you and your cauccus. You, and the DFL have claim to be on the side of Gay Rights. You have collected money from us and you have asked us to help get you elected. In fact, earlier this session you and I spoke over the phone regarding this bill and the hospital visitation and I was encouraged by your alleged commitment to GLBT rights. Now I read in today's paper that you and the DFL have capituated to the Governor's veto threat and removed domestic partner benefits from a spending bill.

Why in the hell would you do that? You and your cauccus need to get a backbone and stand up for what is RIGHT, not what is politically convenient. Why would to stand up to the Governor's veto threat over raising taxes but bend over when it comes to our rights? Is getting money and power more important than protecting a large portion of your constituency? I voted for you in 2006 because I thought that you would stand up for principle, not politics. You have disappointed me, but more than that you have lost my vote in the next election. In fact, should I continue to reside in your district you may even face a challenge by me for your seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. I understand that you don't set the legislative agend for the cauccus, but that doesn't exempt you from the responsibilty to stand up and speak out against your party leaders. What is more important, the party or the people? The deafening silence by many DFLers shows that party is more important.

Why should we continue to support you and your party? I see no reason. The questions posed in this email are not rhetorical, I do look forward to hearing your response.

Respectfully disappointed-

David Joseph De Grio
SE Como


Markh said...

Nice job David -

I also wrote to our erstwhile 'Representative' Kahn.

My message was shorter and blunter.

Whenever you decide to run for public office, let me know, and I'll be there to help.