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Friday, May 04, 2007

Outfront Minnesota on DP Benefits Action

I asked communications director Jo Marciano for Outfront's response.

OutFront Minnesota responded to the committee vote last night. We're disappointed in the vote of the conference committee. We understand the need of the conferees to agree on final language they believe will be more likely to solicit the governor's signature rather than a veto. We also are focused on the fact that domestic partner benefits opponents, not supporters, are the underlying threat. The department of employee relations has seriously inflated cost estimates, even when the bill was contained to same-sex partners only. During 2001-2003 the cost of providing domestic partner benefits to same-sex state employees was an estimated $200,000, something a former Ventura commissioner referred to as "budget dust."

Opponents indulged in windy arguments about threatening "marriage" and even "discriminating against married people" which had no real relevance to the issue.

Jo confirmed to me that the municipal domestic partner benefits are still in the bill.