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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Outfront Responds to My Criticism

Jo Marciano commented on Lloydletta's Nooz and sent me the following email:

OutFront Minnesota has a full time lobbyist and Public Policy Director who've both worked closely with lawmakers throughout the duration of the 2007 legislative session. Through their efforts, four pieces of GLBT-friendly legislation moved forward and momentum was good. We secured 59 lawmakers in the House and Senate to cosponsor the bills, which went through painstaking but successful committee hearings and floor votes.

Due to the governor's vetoes and threat of veto, these bills did not become law. We are as disappointed as anyone in the results of the session. Political work to move a community forward is difficult and takes a long time. The governor must answer to the social conservatives who helped elect him and unfortunately that means sacrificing what's best for our community.

What we must remember is to maintain relationships with all of the bills' cosponsors as well as leadership. Only in maintaining these relationships do we have any hope of moving these bills forward next year or in another year.

Critics have the luxury of throwing stones at anyone who doesn't do precisely what they think is best. At OutFront Minnesota, however, we prefer to keep trudging forward, one success and failure at a time and never give up the struggle.

Jo Marsicano
Communications Director
OutFront Minnesota

I don't know why Outfront Minnesota of all groups calls the MFC "social conservatives" rather than the more descriptive "anti-gay activists". Ann DeGroot has used the term "neoconservatives" to refer to the anti-gay activists - and that one doesn't make much sense to me at all. Outfront this year - with Jo serving as the Communications Director, did do a good job putting out updates on the legislative session. I posted a number of those here.