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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rep. Tom Emmer's Stammering on You Tube Video Goes Viral

PZ Myers mentioned the video of Rep Tom Emmer stammering about the age of the Earth on Pharyngula yesterday and over 1700 people have viewed the video since then. Other blogs have also linked to the Emmer video.

Beyond Sound Bites and Headlines blog has this to say:

Emmer can't give a straight answer on if he thinks the earth is thousands of years old or billions of years old. As of today 1700 people have seen it on U tube.

Here's the You Tube stats on the Emmer video:

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The BSBH blog also has an excellent post on Rep. Mark Olson's obsession with PRT.

The only thing I can tell you for sure is that Olson will continue to push this boondoggle for has long as he’s in office. It is his type of Government program. One that will never be built. He can say he’s doing something but even he must know that this is a fraud and a scam. Let’s hope that his time ends very soon.

Here's a video of Olson introducing, then withdrawing his PRT amendment last Friday: