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Monday, May 21, 2007

Rich Stanek Responds to Channel 9

I contacted the Sheriff's Office about the waste of taxpayer money involved with Julianne Ortman on the Hennepin County Sheriff's payroll. I talked with Kathryn Janicek, Sheriff Stanek's public information officer. She said it was ratings month for Channel 9, and that they had unfairly covered the story. I asked why Stanek refused an interview, and she said he was scheduled to interview today. Sure enough, Channel 9 broadcast Tom Lyden's interview with Rich Stanek on the 9 OClock news. Ortmann had told Lyden that "the day he asked me to join on as coauthor was the day I gave him 3 names to apply for this position." Stanek said he could not recall that this conversation took place, but said it would be a problem if the conversation had taken place. At the end of the story (not available online), they added that Julianne Ortman called Lyden to say that she didn't recall whether it was Stanek or someone else at the Sheriff's office she had the conversation with.

Kathryn Janicek, Communications Officer for the Sheriff told me the Strib would be running a correction on the story. I asked the reporters who wrote the story, and one of the reporters emailed me back to state that was NOT correct.

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