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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Righteous Indignation for Julianne Ortman

From the Star Tribune Letters to the Editor

Letter of the day: Ortman is citizen legislator personified
Published: May 23, 2007

We take issue with your coverage of state Sen. Julianne Ortman and her two jobs. Minnesota has a "citizen Legislature" that is supposed to be -- and is paid as -- a part-time job.

Name one other legislator that double dipped during the session that just ended. Julianne's supporters act like 'everybody's doing it'. Was Marty Seifert still recruiting students for Southwest State during the height of the session??

The point is to ensure that our Legislature is filled not with full-time
politicians, but rather with individuals who live and work with and among the other citizens of this state, supporting their families and their communities.

Yeah, the ice cream scooper is a great role model.

To suggest that Sen. Ortman is somehow compromised simply because she has a career is to suggest that serving the citizens of this state as a legislator is a full-time commitment, in which case we need to pay these legislators full-time salaries.

Additionally, while the May 19 article suggests that most legislators take a leave of absence during the session, this would work only in certain instances.

Again, give me the list of employers who would tolerate this kind of chicanery. A lot of the legislators are self-employed when they're not in session.

We should judge our "citizen legislators" by the results of their labors and not by how they accomplish them.

She's an ineffective, whining pipsqueak in a minority caucus.

You also allege that there is something improper in the fact that Sen. Ortman's "other" job is with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office. While certainly Sen. Ortman and Sheriff Rich Stanek are acquainted -- and even friends and supporters of each other -- she was hired not by Stanek but rather but by the county. She went through the usual process and was hired because she was qualified for and was the best candidate for the job.

'Usual process??? Are you kidding me? Not all candidates for Hennepin County jobs co-author pork bills that benefit the new boss within a week of applying for a job. Not all job candidates at Hennepin County enjoy the benefit of a customized job description prior to the start of an interview process.

Finally, Julianne Ortman is our senator, our friend and our sister. She has impeccable integrity, (except for the inaccurate time card thing) and is an extremely hard worker who has served our district and our state well. She is a mother of four The mommy card! Note to supporters of Citizen Julianne and Represenative Michele Bachmann - a prolific uterus has no bearing on fitness for public service. It neither disqualifies or entitles anybody - its irrelevant. is doing her level best to do right by both her family and her district, and in our view doing it very well.
Yeah, I'm just wondering how the family squeeks by on $122k a year, and that's just the ice-cream scooper's compensation.



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