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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Unpleasantness in the Minnesota Party Chair Race

Residual Forces posts Joe Repya's latest communication in his run for chair. A commenter Sam, unloads on Joe Repya.

# Sam Says:
May 23rd, 2007 at 8:37 am

I still hear silence from Joe on the key issue facing Republicans right now - The McCain Amnesty bill.

Is Joe silence because he is still the McCain chair in MN, just trying to do it as the MN GOP chair.

He is more than willing to call out other Republican’s for their failing, why not now.

If he can not stand up on this issue, how is he different.

As someone else pointed out, he is silent on McCain but very loud on criticizing the “rich”.

AAA was there to tells us Pawlenty was his man and now Joe - What do they both have in common -
They are the main McCain backers in MN.

So if you like McCain Republicanism then Joe is you man.

# Sam Says:
May 23rd, 2007 at 10:05 am

Nope Mattma -

Joe is not a McCain Republican because he is silent.

He is a McCain man because he accepted the position to be a McCain chair in MN.

He then a short time later decided he would rather run for GOP Chair.

So Joe was McCain man but now says he will speak out against those evil RINOs.
It is easy to say that, but now he has a chance to one - show that he will really do it and two - show that he is not just running to make sure the party support his man.

Joe was/is a McCain man and has done nothing to show he is not still one.

That was the point. Not his silence but his actions.
He behaved one way (McCain chair),
says another thing now (True Conservative)
so now is a chance to show that his actions match his words.
# Andy Says:
May 23rd, 2007 at 11:10 am

(The following is from Joe Repya himself)


I think your posting is very partisan and a attempt to make something out of nothing. You and the current MNGOP Chair seem obsessed with painting me as a ardent McCain supporter. If that were really true, why I’m I not working for him now? The truth is, I was offered the position as the National Chairman for Veterans Outreach for McCain 2008 not State Chairman for McCain. I turned down the offer because of the despicable condition the Minnesota Party is in following a greatly mismanaged and poorly executed election in 2006. By the way, McCain 2008 offered to pay me much more money then what I’m willing to accept as MNGOP Chair by taking a 50% pay cut from the existing Chair’s $95,000+ compensation. I have also turned down similar high paying offers from other first tier Republican Presidential Candidates. These offers were presented because of the outstanding job I did for Veterans for Bush 2004. I chose instead to be a candidate for Chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party. As such, I can not endorse any Presidential candidate until the NRC in St Paul picks one. And unlike my competition for Party Chair, I will not attack the qualifications or integrity of any of the Republican Presidential candidates.

As many Republicans, I’m very saddened by the Immigration Bill that is working through the US Senate. I’m against amnesty for illegals no matter where they came from. Three of my grandparents were immigrants who came to America at the start of the 1900’s legally. They assimilated into American culture, learned to speak our language, started families, and one owned a small business and served in the US Army prior to World War I. Their sons and daughters would become part of the “Greatest Generation” serving in World War II and building our nation after that War. There are better ways of dealing with the immigration problem then the McCain - Kennedy - Bush Bill. Most Conservatives agree that a tamper proof national ID card, enforcement of our laws, stiffer fines to companies who hire illegals and a real border security program is the only answer to this reoccurring problem. As for proof of my Conservative credentials, lets just say that I doubt that most moderates or liberals would serve the nation in three wars. Maybe it is because I have served in combat that I’m willing to cut a little slack to those who also have. Tell me Sam, where have you served again and what makes you the Minnesota authority on Conservative thinking? Now that is my position. You can accept my position or whine about it as you most likely will.

Joe Repya

Repya's words: "despicable condition the Minnesota Party is in following a greatly mismanaged and poorly executed election in 2006" are being used against him, in an email that recently went out to party activists from Rory Koch, 4th District Chair.

I received this interesting letter in my email today. Looks like someone sniffed out Joe “Reagan’s 11th Commandment” Repya for who he really is:

May 31, 2007

Dear Fellow Republican,

As the race for state party chairman begins to heat up, I feel compelled to urge a note of caution to the campaign of Joe Repya. Perhaps he and members of his campaign should remember our party’s history.

The year was 1966, and then candidate Ronald Reagan in a heated campaign for governor of California was coming under fire from his liberal Republican opponent. The California Republican Chairman Gaylord Parkinson realized it was crucial to prevent a repeat of the liberal Republican attacks on conservative Barry Goldwater. A mere two years before liberal Rockefeller Republicans branded the conservative Goldwater as an “extremist” who was unfit to hold office, harsh attacks that laid the foundation for Goldwater’s eventual defeat in the 1964 presidential election.

Chairman Parkinson therefore coined the term that is now known as Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Advice as pertinent in 2007 as it was 41 years ago.

I was reminded of this recently when I read a comment by Mr. Repya where he made the following statement:

“I turned down the offer because of the despicable condition the Minnesota Party is in following a greatly mismanaged and poorly executed election in 2006.” (emphasis mine) - Joe Repya, May 23, 2007

Whipping out my handy dictionary/thesaurus I looked up the word “despicable” and found the definition of the word:
“despicable [dispikÉ™bl] adjective contemptible, worthless and deserving to be despised”
Worthless, despised, contemptible? This is not the language ANY Republican should be using to describe a fellow Republican, and most certainly not the type of thing you would say about the entire Party.

Friends, you and I are the Republican Party, and our Party is not in a “despicable condition.”

The leaders of the Republican Party are not “despicable” The activists of the Republican Party are not “despicable”. And frankly I don’t believe anyone who wants to lead the Republican Party should call our party “despicable.”

Negativity, pessimism and these blatant violations of Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment do not represent the kind of vision and leadership our party needs. In fact, when Joe Repya announced his campaign for party chairman on April 11th I was pleased when he promised to abide by Reagan’s 11th Commandment:

“…you know my style, I don’t come out complaining about people. I believe strongly in Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment ‘Thou shall not speak evil of a fellow Republican’”.

Sadly it seems Mr. Repya has chosen to break his promise to by abide by Reagan’s 11th Commandment when he called the Republican Party of Minnesota “despicable”.

We had a tough year in 2006, but our party, you and me, are in good shape and are ready to take on the challenges of getting our majority back. We are optimistic, we are engaged and enthusiastic, and we are ready to fight together in 2008 and beyond.

I am afraid we can expect more negativity, pessimism and mud from the Repya campaign. Mr. Repya’s most recent letter to delegates talked a lot about morals and ethics and I’m afraid he is foreshadowing his next attack on our party. I hope I am wrong, and that in the final few week of this campaign we can stay out of the mud.

I’d ask that you keep in mind what has already come out from this campaign, and please take with a grain of salt and a skeptical eye whatever is sent out or worse yet, whatever half-truths or falsehoods are pushed to our “friends” in the media. This would be an 11th hour desperate attempt to change the direction of the chairman’s race in the last week leading up to State Central.

Those who know me well know I’m an optimist and so I will try to remain confident Mr. Repya will do the right thing and retract these attacks on the party that we hold dear. President Ronald Reagan and Chairman Gaylord Parkinson would be proud.

I look forward to moving forward together with hope and optimism towards more great victories in the upcoming elections.

Your Republican friend,

Rory Koch
4th District Republican Chairman