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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blogs on Minnesota GOP Chair's Race

Lady Logician has weighed in. Italics are Lady Logician's fisking of a mailing she got. I believe this mailing was Rory Koch's letter on behalf of Ron Carey.

"I was reminded of this recently when I rea a comment by Mr. Repya where he made the following statement. "I turned down the offer because of the despicable condition the Minnesota Republican Party is in following a greatly mismanaged and poorly executed election in 2006." - Joe Repya May 23, 2007


That said, there is certainly a lot going on in today's MNGOP that would lend itself to the Merriam Webster defination. The actions of certain people within the party HAS BEEN contemptable. What is going on right now (in the immigration debate) is indeed worthy of moral indignation! We have not (as a party) lived by our core beliefs of smaller government and personal responsibility. Instead we do "whatever it takes" to keep power and that is, to a majority of Americans, contemptable indeed.

"Friends, you and I are the Republican Party and our party is not in "despicable condition."

Here I will jump in. There is context to the Repya quote that the letter writer conveniently leaves out. Context that I am aware of as I have seen and heard Mr. Repya speak on this before. The context is that the leadership, not the activists, are the ones that have done things that left our party in the lurch. The grass roots did not put the party in this shape - the leadership did!

"The leaders of the Republican Part are not "despicable." the activists of the Republican Party are not "despicable". And frankly I don't believe anyone who wants to lead the Republican Party should call our Party "despicable".

Negativity, pessimism and these blatant violations of Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment do not represent the kind of vision and leadership our party needs. "

OK - back to the 11th Commandment thing....I have long had this discussion with my liberal friends...since when is commenting on a leaders record or voting record considered to be "negativity". It is NOT negative to comment on the elected officials record when you disagree with them. It is called laying out the lines of deliniation. Couple this with the the fact that the MNGOP's entire campaign strategy last year was to demonize Mike Hatch and every other liberal candidate on the ballot!

THAT is the thing that struck me (and disappointed me) about this letter. The entire letter is negative and it is the one thing that the letter writer harps on (vis a vis the Repya campaign) is negativity. That and violating Reagan's 11th Commandment - which the letter writer also does...

Andy Aplikowski is back from his weekend out of town. He and the Drama Queen are now sparring:

Nope it is because I came home to accussations and liblous charges and rumors.

I will be posting on the matter that appeared in the Strib and the lies and or spin revolving around it, later tonight.

2 Responses to “This Is What I Come Home To?”

1. Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
June 3rd, 2007 at 7:58 pm

Andy: Who is lying?

“and the lies and or spin revolving around it…”

I know that National Committeeman Brian Sullivan and National Committeewoman Evie Axdahl sent out an email about the Star Tribune’s story. I hope you are not suggestion their email contained lies.

Blue Man is also commenting on the Strib story about financial mismanagement at the Minnesota GOP.