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Monday, June 04, 2007

Brownback Aims His Slingshot at Romney

Poor Sam - trying to keep a buzz going.

June 4, 2007
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Mitt Romney Doesn't Believe Abortion is Murder

Rejects GOP Platform on Abortion - A Human Life Amendment to the

ALEXANDRIA, Va-- Presidential candidate Mitt Romney refused to call bortion "murder" at an event in Laconia, New Hampshire last week, stating that murder "means different things to different people."

Romney instead stated abortion is the taking of a human life, that the unborn "is alive and human" at the point of conception, but that states should define their own abortion laws.

"Mitt Romney's flip-flops on abortion throughout the years make more sense now," said Martin Gillespie, political director of Brownback for President. "Every different Romney flip-flop on abortion has coincided perfectly with the most politically expedient position of the campaign he was in."

Romney has also continually rejected a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution, which would ban abortion in all states. The Human Life Amendment is part of the platform of the Republican Party.

"Romney says life begins at conception, but doesn't think abortion is murder and Romney says he's pro-life but he thinks states should be able to choose to allow abortion," Gillespie added. "Every time he tries to clarify, as he tried to do last week, it becomes more and more confusing."

Gillespie concluded, "Unlike Romney, Sam Brownback is a strong supporter of the Human Life Amendment and is genuinely pro-life."