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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Carey v Repya: The Soap Opera Continues

Checks and Balances Weighs In:

Carey Facing a First Ballot Victory

Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey is expected to be reelected without much effort on Saturday at the Prom Catering Center in Oakdale. Carey has mounted a formitable [sic] list of party activists, Congressional District Chairs and elected officials during his grassroots campaign effort. His opponent Joe Repya, a Persian Gulf War veteran has developed no traction with the Republican Central Committee delegates.

Recent allegations raised against Carey in the Star Tribune are being linked to the Repya campaign specificly to Andy Aplkowski [sic], the blogger from Residual Forces. Aplkowski [sic] has admited [sic] having access to the information the Strib published regarding lack of payments into an employee retirement fund and has denied being the source of the stroy [sic]. The Repya campaign has been forced to defend against the allegations they had any involvement in the story and released a statement to that effect to GOP delegates.

We always like to point out the apt political adage in times like this, “if their [sic] explanin they’re not gainin.”

The question is whether Shawn Towles tried to develop sources in both campaigns to write his story.


Dan said...

Pah! That's a pretty optimistic piece by a clear Carey supporter. We'll see.