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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chair and Deputy Chair Race

Ron Carey won in the Minnesota Party Chair Race (57%). Dorothy Fleming won as deputy chair.

Does this mean a mandate for Carey? I think it means Carey does have to work at regaining confidence of the grassroots - and also candidates who ran for legislature.

Aplikowski has a good writeup of what happened at the convention.

Since this is an internal party matter, no campaign committees or disclosure is required for how much things cost for either campaign.

I have heard that 3 CD units (1st, 3rd and 7th) are forming their own fundraising units because they know that if people send the money to the state party, it will all go to Norm Coleman.

I talked to Cullen Sheehan, Norm Coleman's campaign manager. He said Norm Coleman was officially supporting Carey. I'd heard from an informed source that a letter from Coleman was originally going to go out, but that was pulled after the Strib Story.

I talked to Joe Repya, and he said he feels he did pretty well considering that his was an upstart campaign that started 6 weeks ago.