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Friday, June 15, 2007

Don't F**k with Senator Sam Brownback

The latest foot-stomping and whining from his campaign.

Life is unfair, even when you're pro-life.

To: Friends of Senator Brownback

From: Rob Wasinger, Campaign Manager, Brownback for President

Subject: Romney Faith & Values Vice-Chair launches vicious personal attack on Senator Brownback

Date: June 15, 2007

As you know, Senator Brownback has made extraordinary progress in consolidating support from both fiscal and social conservatives in the crucial straw poll and caucus state of Iowa. In addition, our support in the early primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina continues to grow daily, and a national movement of conservatives is quickly growing in support of Senator Brownback and his vision and agenda for America.

It comes as no surprise that an opposing campaign would stoop to levels of desperation and personal attack in order to try and stop our growing momentum. But unfortunately, that is exactly what the Mitt Romney for President campaign has done.

Just two days after Mitt Romney announced Jason Bonham, State Director for Legacy Network in Illinois, as a Vice Chairman of his National Faith and Values Steering Committee, Bonham used his position in order to launch a vicious, personal attack on Senator Brownback.

In a post written on, of which Bonham is a managing director, Bonham wrote that Brownback is "lousy," a "bottom feeder," and a "bozo."

Like many of you, I work for and support Senator Brownback because he is a hardworking, honest man with Midwestern values who wants to do what is best for the future of this nation. For a national Vice-Chairman of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign to launch into a barrage of vicious, personal attacks is completely unacceptable.

I hope that you will continue to stand by Sam. As his momentum increases, I expect we will face more vicious, false, and personal attacks against Sam.

Rest assured, Senator Brownback will continue to fight for conservative values such as protecting the unborn, defending traditional marriage, fixing our abysmal tax system, winning the war on terror, and securing our borders. And ultimately, when it comes down to defending the sanctity of human life and marriage, Brownback and Romney are polar opposites.

While other campaigns condone personal, vicious attacks, our campaign will continue to fight for what you want: Senator Brownback and his conservative values in the White House.

PS--Please stand with Sam today and donate $25, $50, $100, $500, or even $2,300 to keep our Republican Party proudly pro-life!

Note the order in which Saint Sam's priorities are listed:

1. Abortion
2. Marriage
3. Tax policy
4. Terrorism
5. Immigration


lloydletta said...

Dump Bachmann is nothing to the stuff these characters put out.