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Monday, June 11, 2007

Drama Queen Posts Mee Moua Fundraiser Invite: Commenters Pile On with Racist Comments

# Big Kahuna Says:
June 11th, 2007 at 11:48 am

Probably the most crooked politician ever in MN! Moua is so far left she makes Ellison seem mainstream.

If you think she was kidding about the donations amount try living in her area and not be a minority. You will find very quickly she is a special interest politician.

What pisses me off about her is her total lack of concern for the law. She has been pushing voting for illegals and has helped many homeless vote DFL for years. She is one who trades ciggs and food for votes, she just has yet to get caught!

If ever a politician that deserved to be publicly hanged for her wrong doings it is Moua!

Dumb bitch can barely speak the English language.

# Ted Says:
June 11th, 2007 at 12:20 pm

“Dumb bitch can barely speak the English language”

Your always such a classy guy Kahuna… and the Republicans wonder why they don’t get more of the minority vote.

# Big Kahuna Says:
June 11th, 2007 at 2:00 pm

Ted the dumb bitch can hardly speak the language and she is not out for what s best for her area she is in it for the power she holds and the money she can extort from her Hmong group.

She reigns with an iron fist and you best grease her palms or she will do what she can to make your life miserable. Pure example of voter fraud in my opinion as she is big on non registered voters so she can bus in loads of them to vote for her even though they do not live in her district.

Fat lazy opportunist = Mee Moua!

It seems that Big Kahuna can barely write in English. His posts are riddled with grammatical errors.

Big Kahuna Says:
June 11th, 2007 at 3:53 pm

What Moua does she should be in jail not a DFL leader. Oh wait we are in MN where crooked DFL’ers are welcome. :)

I bet at least 25-30% of the votes for Moua are false votes of people who do not live in her district. God forbid we ask for ID when voting as we might keep one false vote for a DFL’er from being cast!

People are not stupid for the most part and many understand when it comes to voter fraud the DFL takes the cake. Whether it is free ciggs, food, or booze the DFL has no shame as to the extent they will go for votes.

My guess is Andrew or Ted have never met and talked with Mee Moua? I have and she IS the reason I left Minneapolis. Well that and the ever intelligent Mr. Rybak. ;) The thing that does piss me off is these people do not care for the city nor care to try and fix a damn thing! It is just status quo with these folks and all they can do is tell us how bad Republicans are.

I am ashamed to say I once voted DFL but was not long before I came to realize what a mistake that truly was. people are leaving the cities in droves and those left are looking for ways out! It does not matter where you have a democRat run city there will be massive crime and short on public safety services.

My city does not cry for more money for police and Fire when state aid is not what they wanted. Yet I have more police in my rural city per person than Mpls does. We tend to fund what is NEEDED first and then worry about rooftop gardens and such later.

Name a DFL run city and I will point out the higher crime, higher taxes and less quality services that most would actually like to see.

Moua is a classic class warfare DFL’er. She is much like Wellstone in the fact she gets nothing done for her district. Look at the paper today! Once again it will be a Republican who will get Wellstones issue of Mental health issues fixed and a quality bill passed. Guess we should start to see “What would Ramstead do” bumper stickers.

Kahuna is doesn't know his geography. Moua represents a district in St Paul, not Minneapolis.