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Saturday, June 02, 2007

EHarmony Lawsuit

I agree with Michael here, pick your battles. That being said, I disagree with the characterization that this is the "gay lobby" doing this. This was an individual.

EHarmony also recently tried to get media outlets to stop running ads from a competitor that discussed EHarmony's discriminatory practices.


BillyVee said...

There is something wrong here. If i sell guitars only in my music store...would a drummer have the right to sue me based on the argument I am discriminating against drummers?

The Bambino said...

I believe that the suit is frivolous. eHarmony is a private company and does not have to cater to any group. Plus it's on the web. Will the ACLU defend them like they defended NAMBLA? I won't hold my breath.

There are gender segregated gyms. should men sue to get access to Lucille Roberts?

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