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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Fix Mentions Repya Challenge to Norm Coleman - Doesn't Change Race Ranking

5. Minnesota (R): Sen. Norm Coleman's (R) path to reelection may get more rocky if retired Lt. Col. Joe Repya decides to run against him in next year's Republican primary. Coleman would obviously be favored, but anything that diverts attention and resources away from the general election is troublesome for the incumbent. Of course, there is also a line of thinking that a challenge from his ideological right could help Coleman appeal to the moderate and independent voters he'll need to win a second term. While comedian Al Franken and attorney Mike Ciresi are both running credible campaigns for the Democratic nomination, a recent independent poll pointed out the challenge before them: Coleman bested Franken by 22 points and had a 23-point lead over Ciresi. (Previous ranking: 5)