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Monday, June 04, 2007

Grab the Popcorn!

Andy Aplikowski strongly denies being the source of Strib leak.

I did not leak the memo to the Strib, so the calls going around saying it was me, are flat out false, a lie, and shameful behavior of Republicans.

I did have the memo. Some unknown source sent it to me a while ago, and urged me to look into it. I knew how terribly bad this would be for the party as a whole, and tried to get ahold of the memo’s author. When i couldn’t, I went through a few back channels to see if the memo was legit. I was told it was, but the issues inside were dealt with properly. (the May email memo referred to in the story)

So for all of you out there who think I want to destroy the party I have a question for you, “Why didn’t I just post the memo, and unleash the bombshell for myself, to get the traffic and attention some of you seem to think I crave?”

Answer: Because I knew this was bad bad stuff that would damage far more people than just Carey. The Executive Committee would also have been dragged into this, as would the party as a whole. I do not want to destroy the party, I want it to be better.

Some unknown person sent the memo to me, and I alerted the people I thought could deal with it, delicately, as it was a scandalous issue. I did not, nor would I want to hand ammo over to the Strib.

And, as for the content of the memo and story, I had nothing to do with the memo’s generation. And in fact, the original author still stands by what he wrote. These things did happen, and proof of that can be how Carey said that the issues have been dealt with properly and that he asked for an audit from the Executive Committee. (What were the results of that audit? Will they be presented on Saturday to the Central Committee?) Carey is not disputing the finacial related issues, hence, we’d have to be fools to buy that this is just a manufactured Strib attack. There is at the least, a grain of truth to them.

In my eyes, someone who was treasurer of the MNGOP for 8 years should know how to avoid these issues even being a possibility. Remember that Carey was the MNGOP’s Treasurer before he was Chair. He should have known better, if you ask my humble opinion. These practices should never have happened in the Republican party, under any leader, let alone someone who had 8 years of experience handling the party’s finances.


What should provide enough evidence that I wasn’t the Strib’s source was that the immigration/bribe stuff was new to me. I had never heard of that, and neither had anyone else who had mentioned their own knowledge of the financial memo to me the last week or two.

Michael Brodkorb - a strong Carey supporter, commented:

# Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
June 4th, 2007 at 9:08 am

Andy: Who is lying?

“and the lies and or spin revolving around it…”

I know that National Committeeman Brian Sullivan and National Committeewoman Evie Axdahl sent out an email about the Star Tribune’s story. I hope you are not suggestion their email contained lies.

Lady Logician hits it home:

# the Lady Logician Says:
June 4th, 2007 at 4:04 pm

“There is a huge difference between letter and calls inside the party and sending information to both an outsider and an enemy.

The calls internally can be weighed by delegates and others who know campaigns for what they are and the only one possible hurt are internal candidates.”

Either action is slimy Sam. This is no way to run a campaign.