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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Joe Repya's Letter to Delegates

This had been posted on Residual Forces. That blog is down right now.

June 4, 2007

My Fellow Republicans:

As a Republican, I’m stunned to learn of the current accusations of improper management against our Party Chairman that were recently published. I’m determined to remain focused on why I entered this race - Leadership Matters!

As a Party, we must keep our eye on winning in 2008. We must build the team that will lead us to victory. Let’s start to rebuild now and vote for new leadership!

This week we will be gathering at the Minnesota State Central Committee Meeting to vote for the next Minnesota Republican Party Chairman. I have listened to the concerns of Republican activists and asked for their support in becoming your next Party Chairman. I am now asking for your vote on June 9th, to lead the party back down the Road to Victory in 2008.

On Election Day in 2008, it is my vision that we will be gathered together celebrating a great victory for Minnesota Republicans. If you share this vision, please join me and provide me the opportunity to serve as your next Chairman.

I have worked within the grassroots of the Party since 1998. I served on the finance committees of U.S. Senator Norm Coleman, and Congressman John Kline in 2002. I was a military and veterans advisor to Senator Coleman in 2002 and Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2002 & 2006. I served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2004. Finally, I was one of two people in the nation to serve as a veteran’s spokesperson for President George W. Bush. I have valuable grassroots and fundraising experience from the Support Our Troops campaign in 2003.

As your next Party Chairman, I will listen to the needs of our grassroots activists as I have done during this race. I have heard loud and clear over the past few months that our field teams did not have the tools in hand and the training needed to be successful in 2006. Our Camp Reagan training, Chairman’s Report Card, Surround Sound Messaging and Communications Program, and Contract with Minnesota will reenergize our volunteer base. I will provide the leadership to ensure that VoterVault and all necessary programs are fixed and properly implemented. Please stop by my booth at the Oakdale Prom Center on June 9th and take our Electronic Listening Survey utilizing a new and exciting grassroots tool that will give us an edge as we march the Road to Victory in 2008.

Also, please stop at our hospitality suite in the Hilton Garden Inn on Saturday morning from 7:00 AM until 11:00 AM. Coffee, juice and bagels will be served.

Thank you for all of the input that so many of you have provided over the past few weeks as this race has been a wonderful experience.

All the best,

Joe Repya