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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Live Blog on the State Central Committee

Leo Pusateri liveblogged the convention.

He did a good job.

10:34a... Doing the balloting right now, but I never heard the final credentials report for who is or isn't eligible to be seated, and how many delegates were actually being seated! (There was supposedly a credentials report earlier, but they were still seating ten minutes ago!

10:36am... Now the 3rd CD's ballots needed to be destroyed, since there was apparently one more vote than there were seated delegates.

This is the stuff that the Keystone Cops were made of.

10:42am... Annoucement and understatement: "There seems to be some confusion here."

All the ballots needed to be tossed, since the "At-Large" delegates were seated with their BPOUs rather than in the "At Large" delegate section. So here we go again.

10:45am... In the process of roll-calling and double-checking at-large delegates. Once this process is done, and the At-Large delegates are confirmed to be seated in the correct area, voting will re-commence.

10:53am....Still waiting. When the ballots are cast and counted, I'll be sure and do an on the spot post of the winner.

10:59am... Balloting is about to begin...

11:14am.. scratch that.... like trying to move a graveyard.

11:27am... YAAAAAaaaawwwnnnn... Still waiting.

11:39am... Ballots have been received; 40 spots were identified at large; but 46 votes were received. Right now they've supposedly certified the number of votes. There is a motion on the floor to re-certify the number of possible votes at 46. The vote has been railroaded taken and the new number of At-Large delegates has been revised as being 46.

12:05pm: Ron Carey is re-elected 195-150, with one abstention

That was all quite entertaining.