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Friday, June 01, 2007

Mark Swanson Admits He Edited Olson's Wikipedia Page

(Cross-posted at the Dump Mark Olson Blog)

GOP 6 CD Chair Mark Swanson defends himself in the comments at MN Publius:

"What I changed is actually the unbiased truth and more accurate as required by the neutrality rules that are well established on Wikipedia."

Mark Swanson seems to be unaware that other folks have been caught trying to whitewash their favorite politician's Wikipedia page... for instance the staff of Norm Coleman in January of 2006 :

Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia's founder, criticized the changes made by Coleman's staff. 

"It appears to be a major rewrite of the article to make it more favorable," Wales said. "If they're trying to edit in such a way to change the public record, that's a problem."

Olson goes on trial Monday, June 4th at the Sherburne County Government Center.

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