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Friday, June 22, 2007

More About Luke Hellier

The I Don’t Hate America! blog has an excellent post on the MnSCU student trustee story... a lot of new stuff about the Bachmannite candidate, Luke Hellier.

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broom4senate said...

In response to David D declaring that Broom does not have a snowballs chance of getting the I.P. endorsement and then further stating "and you can qoute me on it" That's exactly what we plan on doing Dave. What will be your response when I get more votes than Al Franken?

David said...

I'll tell ya what Broom4senate. You send me an email and we'll talk. I'll tell you why you don't have a snowball's chance and if you were to ever get more votes than Al Franken in the general election (that's assuming you'll get the IP endorsement, which you won't) I'll publicly endorse Michele Bachmann.

broom4senate said...

Wow! Ms. Bachmann will be thrilled! I think I speak on behalf of Ms. Bachmann and myself when I say it will be an honor and privelige to get your endorsement.
I guess that's it then. I've got some work to do to catch Al in the polls, but he screws up on a daily basis, so he he helping me already.