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Friday, June 08, 2007

More Comments About Bill Clinton Advising Kerry to Throw Gays Under the Bus

Paul Begala was on Stephanie Miller this morning. Part of what he talked about was how Hillary really displayed leadership during the debate when she talked about the need to get rid of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. This suggests that the Hillary Clinton campaign is worried about the effect of John Aravosis's post on this topic.

I think you can read too much into Clinton's statements. He's a politician first and foremost. I don't think he has any anymosity towards gay people, that's obvious.

I wonder if Clinton just did the math, and felt like the margin that was in the balance, that could flip enough people, was the biggoted independants.


WOW. I was totally on board for Hillary's campaign, but this gives me some real pause. I am now re-thinking my support. This is very upsetting.
Dave Hale | 06.08.07 - 11:51 am | #

Once again it seems that this is right out of the Republican playbook. Divide the Democrats and then the Republican wins. People, everything was going well in this country when Bill Clinton was president, stocks rose, real estate was high, jobs were high, people were happy. Bush comes in and poof: It's all gone, misery all around the world. Everything this guy touches turns to shit. That should be the focus. Someone needs to put the US back into being the good "guys".

BTW, Kerry did through the Gays under the bus in Massachusetts. He came out actively for the anti-gay marriage amendment in this state and warned the state Dem. Committee not to put equal marriage in the state platform.
BB | 06.08.07 - 6:21 am |

Indeed Clinton should not have run those ads on Christian radio (and I believe his campaign apologized for that). But that doesn't change the fact that DOMA was conceived, pressed, and passed by the Republicans who controlled Congress - and of course they did it to set him up. And the fact remains that Clinton had no choice but to sign it. Get real.
Phillip | Homepage | 06.08.07 - 12:08 pm | #

Clinton made the choice to sign the bill.

I don't care if 70% of the people were against Gay marriage when Clinton signed DOMA. The Government is there to protect minorities from the ignorance of the masses. Just once I would like the Dems to be LEADERS and stop playing politics with my life.

That bullshit about how Gays should be content to be "thrown under the bus" so a Democrat is put in the White House is so OVER! I'm taking you down with me this time!
Dula | 06.08.07 - 12:19 pm | #

"I think you can read too much into Clinton's statements. He's a politician first and foremost. I don't think he has any anymosity towards gay people, that's obvious."

That's exactly the point, there's no principle here - he reminds me of Norm Coleman on this topic. Norm also has no personal animosity towards gays, but has no problem with pandering to bigots for political gain. The question is whether Hillary agrees with that tactic, or does she have different morals that Bill Clinton on this point.
MN Skeptic | Homepage | 06.08.07 - 12:58 pm

Aravosis was on Signorile's show this afternoon to talk about this issue. I hope he posts the audio.