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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Progress on the New Twins Stadium?

I was downtown Saturday, so I thought I'd take a look at the new Twins Stadium construction site.

Not much to see, except this square patch of dirt:

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Couldn't find any info about the square patch of dirt at the Ballpark Authority website.

For some clues to what the square patch of dirt is, go to the Ballpark 2010 blog.

The blog also has a "site status" page... that doesn't show much more progress than my photo of the square patch of dirt.

Here's something else the Ballpark 2010 blog reports;"...there won't be any Northstar passenger trains after games..."

Also, take a look at the 3 diagrams of the stadium on that page and let me know if you can find the Cedar Lake Bike Trail.


lloydletta said...

I thought the Northstar transit close to the stadium was part of the big selling points here.

Avidor said...

... it was.

broom4senate said...

I love the Twins, in case anyone was wondering if their next U.S. Senator does.